Sally Huynh

Test Prep Tutor

I love the collaborative problem-solving aspect of the classroom environment, where students mutually grow as they acquire new perspectives from each other. As a fastidious person who needs to understand a problem inside out, I find tutoring to be an amazing opportunity to help others refine their foundational understanding of a subject and develop the test taking and study skills that will ease their path to success.

I am a Bay Area native, and I pursued my college education at University of California, Irvine, where I earned my degree in computer science. From my college experience, I learned how I learn best, which meant honing my critical thinking skills and prioritization skills so that I can quickly and effectively wrangle theory into something that I can put into practice in new and changing environments.

In tutoring, I favor the socratic method of using deliberate open-ended questions to guide a student down the right path towards the answer, because I believe it encourages a student to take ownership of their solution and bolsters their self confidence. Every student has a unique learning style that requires a different approach to the problem, and nothing is more satisfying to me than finding an unconventional explanation to a problem and seeing it click for a student. My goal is always to instill a continuous growth mindset and positive attitude towards learning, because to me, learning is a transformative experience. It goes beyond acquiring knowledge and skills: it shapes a sense of self, broadens perspectives, and empowers personal growth.

Beyond the classroom, I am a sci-fi lover, a plant aficionado, and a scenic walker extraordinaire.

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