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Born and raised in Singapore, my academic journey has been a testament to my enduring love for the sciences, particularly biology and chemistry. My interest guided me to pursue my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. I majored in biochemistry for my bachelor’s degree and subsequently in immunology during my Ph.D. program.

While my academic pursuits have laid a solid foundation in my scientific knowledge, I’ve constantly found myself gravitating towards teaching roles alongside my studies. During my high school years, I briefly tutored biology for a year, and that sparked a desire to share my passion for science with others.

This desire only grew stronger during my time in the UK pursuing my graduate studies.  I served as a mentor to both Master’s and Ph.D. students, offering guidance and support as they navigated the complexities of academic research. I also had the opportunity to mentor student peer reviewers in an undergraduate journal, instilling in them a sense of academic rigor and critical thinking.

After moving to the United States from Singapore, my passion for teaching led me to my current employment at AJ Tutoring. It is my firm belief that everyone possesses unique learning styles and preferences, and I strive to tailor my approach to accommodate diverse needs and foster a supportive learning environment. After experiencing diverse cultures during my travels, I’ve come to appreciate even more the significance of recognizing the individual’s uniqueness within education.

It is also my belief that developing a genuine interest in the subjects is important to academic success, and I hope my passion for science ignites a similar enthusiasm in my students. Nonetheless, I also recognize that this may not always be possible, and in such cases, I am committed to being efficient and results-oriented, ensuring that my students achieve their academic goals.

Outside of work, I find joy and relaxation in various hobbies. I am a sports enthusiast, and I enjoy playing table tennis, soccer, and basketball.  I also adore watching competitive video games.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Chemistry


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