Yukari Wada

Academic Tutor

I love working with children in all capacities, from working on a puzzle together to solving math questions. It always delights me when a student ‘gets it’: that lightbulb moment when understanding comes and a smile spreads across their face. That step forward, however small, is an important building block towards forming the foundation for children’s paths forward in achieving their goals.

My undergraduate studies in computer science and biology helped me to develop problem solving skills that I utilize in tutoring, and my academic studies have taken me into the medical field as well. I continue to be fascinated by various disciplines, and I love and appreciate learning. My hope is to foster in my students a love of learning and a desire to push past any and all limits.

I have tutored math in middle school and high school, worked as a teaching assistant in my college courses, and privately tutored high school students. I have always found it a delight to share my own passion for learning and and to impart information to others.

Building a solid foundation serves to improve confidence and stir an inner motivation towards learning. My philosophy is to work with this in mind and to provide a safe and supportive environment in which each child may learn best. I strive to provide an engaging yet challenging atmosphere to meet and expand students’ potential and capabilities. I continuously strive to decompose a subject material into smaller simpler concepts that are easier to understand and learn—I continuously think about how to relay information in a manner in which it may be understood best.

In my free time, I could be found spending time outdoors in nature, hiking, or meditating.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Geometry
Academic Japanese
Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills


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