Zach Weisner

Test Prep & Academic Tutor

Born and raised in Palo Alto, I had the privilege of attending some of the finest public schools in the nation. Post-graduation, I went to UCLA, where I majored in philosophy, a challenging and rigorous subject that forces one to reconsider their most basic assumptions about the world. I admire the fact that the spirit of philosophy places intellectual curiosity above all else, refusing to accept anything at face value. Inspired by the symbolic logic classes I took while there, I set about learning to code after I graduated, eventually deciding to pursue a graduate degree in computer science.

Throughout my scholastic career, I relished the opportunity to tutor my classmates and peers. I fondly recall the countless hours I spend collaborating with friends on papers we had to write, and I can even recall an intensive SAT prep that consumed my summers going into junior and senior year. In short, I’ve been in the typical Bay Area student’s metaphorical shoes before, so I know that it takes a non-trivial amount of hard work, patience, and discipline in order to succeed.

When tutoring, my goal is to reduce the time it takes for students to grasp concepts by explaining them intuitively and in the simplest terms possible. I sincerely want students to succeed in academics and in their lives, too, and I believe that building confidence and strong study and test taking skills are keys to this success. 

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading non-fiction books, playing blues and classic rock on my guitars, playing and watching sports, and programming.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Computer Science
Academic Statistics
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Statistics


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