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Taking AP Economics is Rational

Most high school programs in California require students to take a few years of history, including a semester of economics. History provides students with a clear understanding of the past and present and offers opportunities to think critically about contemporary issues. While economics is much ... Read More


HSEE Interview Preparation with AJ Tutoring

Do you remember being fifteen or sixteen, all dressed up and ready to walk into your first interview? Maybe it was for a local chain restaurant, or a bowling alley, and your palms are more sweaty than you thought was possible! Now imagine being ten or thirteen, and you are about to walk into a ... Read More


ACT Preparation with AJ Tutoring

You have been studying all summer and have continued to practice after school. Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test during the October ACT exam! Here are some tried and true tips to get you ready for test day: Don’t cram the night before the exam! You have practiced and memorized ... Read More


Subject Spotlight: Latin, The Most Underrated Foreign Language Elective

I have often talked to students about which language they should take for their foreign language elective. Statistics show that about 70% of high school students decide to take either French or Spanish. These are some great languages with very developed curricula, and their real life practicality ... Read More

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