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Taking AP Economics is Rational


Why You Should Take AP Economics

Most high school programs in California require students to take a few years of history, including a semester of economics. History provides students with a clear understanding of the past and present and offers opportunities to think critically about contemporary issues. While economics is much closer to social studies than a traditional history class, economics checks all the boxes of what a history class should accomplish: students get opportunities to hone their reading, speaking, listening, and analytical writing skills. Students further develop the ability to form and engage with complex arguments.

AP Economic Classes Are Valuable for Students

Economics is a very rich subject, but for most students, the road ends with a regular economics class to satisfy graduation requirements. The number of students who took AP Economics courses last year, counting both AP Micro and AP Macro combined, was less than half the number of students who took AP US History. As an enthusiast of both STEM subjects and economics, I believe that this statistic is an anomaly and would suggest that many students could be missing out on a great course experience that is very practical. Should AP Economics courses not be offered at a particular school, students should still look to get all they can out of their regular economics course (and perhaps look elsewhere to find for-credit AP Economics options―AJ Tutoring happens to be one of them).

After taking economics, students learn to apply economic principles to make better decisions in their everyday lives. Economics classes typically begin by covering basic economic concepts such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and diminishing returns. These concepts are not only useful for the course, but teach a way of thinking that is practical for life

Economics reinforces these concepts and views the world with a heightened sensitivity, in ways that make them better equipped to make rational decisions for life. Ultimately, economics is a very versatile subject that connects the past, present, and the future. Economics helps us understand history and learn from the past in order to make better decisions. Call a Director today to be matched with an exceptional economics tutor today!


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