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For Your Consideration…Foreign Languages!

One of the greatest A-G requirements that high school students can experience is taking a foreign language. In these classes, your student isn’t just learning how to communicate in a new way. They are learning about a culture outside of their own, exploring rich new histories, utilizing ... Read More


When Should My Student Think About College?

The biggest and most loaded question for parents today is when to start thinking about college! Is middle school the right time? Should they wait until junior year? What is the best course to take? We have been supporting Bay Area families for well over a decade and have broken it down into some ... Read More


Why Should We Care About the SAT?

“My student is not a good test-taker.” “They will just apply to the UC’s” “What are admissions looking for?” “My student has a learning difference, should they even consider taking the SAT?” “Does the SAT even matter anymore?” These are questions that my ... Read More


Educational Link Roundup

Oftentimes sitting down to research what’s new in academia can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure where to start. Thankfully, your friends here at AJ have put together some helpful links to lead you in the right direction! What’s Up with the Digital SAT? Why Should Students ... Read More

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