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Why Should We Care About the SAT?


“My student is not a good test-taker.”

“They will just apply to the UC’s”

“What are admissions looking for?”

“My student has a learning difference, should they even consider taking the SAT?”

“Does the SAT even matter anymore?”

These are questions that my colleagues and I hear from parents at AJ Tutoring on a daily basis. Since 2020 changed all of the rules, we have all been trying to regain our footing and the college admissions process is no exception. While many schools across the country are using language such as “test optional” or “test blind,” the SAT still plays a very large and important role in the college admissions process.

First, it sets your student apart from their peers’ admissions. By demonstrating that even though they didn’t have to take the exam, your student made the choice to study and sit for this multi-hour exam. This demonstrates perseverance and a strength of character that colleges are looking for. They want to ensure that once students are admitted they fit in with the culture that they are trying to build on their campus.

Second, it demonstrates your students’ academic knowledge. While many people agree that portions of the SAT are archaic, scoring well demonstrates that your student will be able to keep up with the academic rigor expected of them in college. Finally, the SAT offers accommodations for students with learning differences, meaning that everyone can participate in the benefits that come with taking this exam.

Our advice to parents can be boiled down to the following statements:

  1. Hedge Your Bets. The world can and has changed in mere moments, so nothing should be considered set in stone.
  2. Don’t Box Your Student In. Even if they don’t have their top five colleges picked out yet, one of those schools may end up requiring the exam.

Still have questions about the SAT, or feeling ready to start the process? We are standing by to offer our expertise and set your student up with a test preparation tutoring plan that makes sense for them!


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