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I Thought We Were On A Break!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and spring is in full bloom! This means that Spring Break is just around the corner and Summer Break is right on its heels. While we all could use some R’N’R school breaks are not the time to sleep on academics. It is unfortunately not the time to ... Read More


So You Want To Take the SAT…Or Do You?

Spring is the season of test taking and there can be many conflicting reports that you have to muddle through as a parent and student when it comes to determining the best test for you! Many students don’t know the difference between the SAT and ACT, if they should take both, or if they should ... Read More


The March SAT is Upon Us!

Twas the night before the SAT and all through the house some students felt nervous and some students did not! The students who prepped were tucked snug in their beds while visions of the 1600’s swirled in their heads. The students who waited stayed up way too late and attempted to cram since ... Read More


What Are Study Skills? Don’t You Just Do It?

A question I hear almost every day is “how do I get my kid to do better on tests?” and that is a very loaded question! There are several factors that go into test taking and the biggest factor is how effectively did your student study for that test? Not how MUCH did they study, but how ... Read More

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