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Push Toward Finals


Whew! What a year we have all experienced! It feels cliché to say after these last two years of pandemic education, but these times are certainly unprecedented. The effort all of our students have put in this year is astounding! All of our tutors and administrators could not be more impressed with the resilience of our students!

The time has come to put all of your hard work to use and draw upon every tool in your arsenal. Finals are here! Here is some advice on getting prepared for your finals:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before
  • Remember that finals tend to be cumulative so make sure you have studied your notes from the entire year!
  • Don’t forget to review your study guide!
  • Get to school on time or early! You don’t want to be rushing to class the day of your final.
  • Remember that it is just another test and you have taken hundreds of tests by this point!
  • Breathe! After this your reward is summer vacation!

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