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Educational Link Round-Up 14


Feeling stuck and unsure where to turn? Not even sure what questions to ask? Don’t worry! AJ Tutoring has you covered with some of our favorite resources to turn to when you need information!

Why Is Taking the SAT and ACT Still Important?

“Even “score optional” schools don’t let applicants off the standardized-test hook entirely. Many of these colleges require a battery of other scores (usually AP or SAT II subject tests) to make up for the absence of SAT or ACT results. While the precise role of SAT scores in the admissions process varies from school to school, the general consensus is that test scores do play an important role in the decision-making process at most institutions.”

Should My Student Even Be Bothering with Their AP Classes?

“Advanced Placement classes show admissions officers that you’re ready for college-level work. Admissions counselors consistently tell us that good grades and academic rigor are the most important factors when schools  evaluate applications. “

Is Tutoring Right for My Elementary School Kids?

“Students need direction from their teachers, and the younger the student, the more direction they require. As I mentioned, the higher the number of pupils in a classroom, the more difficult it is for the teacher to meet each and every one of each student’s needs. In a classroom setting, the students must follow instructions that the teacher feels most comfortable implementing. Unfortunately, this usually applies to the majority of the students, and not to those who may be struggling to grasp what is being taught. Tutoring helps provide instruction geared to the student, and not geared to the majority of the students in a classroom setting.”

How Can I Get My Kid to Enjoy Reading?

“Connect what your child reads with what’s happening in real life. For example, if you’re reading a story about basketball, ask questions about when your child learned to shoot hoops and how similar it was to the kids’ experience in the story.

“You can also look for follow-up activities that make stories come to life. If the book references kites, ask your child to brainstorm fun kite-related activities, like how to make a kite. Hands-on activities like these can keep kids engaged with the topic.”

Should I Send My Student to a Private School?

“With lower student-to-teacher ratios, private school teachers can tailor their lessons to their students’ unique skills, interests, passions and curiosities. Private school teachers can also respond and meet every child where they’re at academically and push students forward with the right balance of challenge and nurture. As a result, students feel confident and assured in their academic abilities throughout their learning journey.”

If you find yourself having questions like these and more then now is the time to reach out to an experienced AJ Director today! We can support you and your students in their academic journey and help you navigate the tricky waters of today’s academic world.



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