Bela Horky

Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in a small town in Orange County. Though an avid reader from birth, my innate love of books was replaced by science when I took biology for the first time in seventh grade. I attended Foothill High School and was fortunate enough to have some of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers who fueled my passion for science.

After high school, I attended San Francisco State University where I majored in biology with a focus in human physiology. I remember walking into my first biology lecture and being overwhelmed to see 200 students in one room. I found it challenging to connect with a professor in a way that was engaging and encouraged me to learn in such a large class. In my AP and IB courses in high school, part of what pushed me along when the curriculum got tough was having a teacher who I felt could really help me view the material in a way I understood. These experiences are why I believe an individualized approach to learning is so important. Having teachers and mentors who helped me discover what ways of learning best suited me greatly helped me through my college years.

Throughout my undergrad, I discovered a love for teaching through tutoring fellow students in both biology and chemistry. I grew up teaching ballet, but getting to show others the crazy, extraordinary world of the human body took my passion for biology to the next level. We are blissfully unaware of every intricate function happening within our own bodies every single second. To this day, I am in awe of the human body, and I hope to inspire students to have the same kind of admiration. My goal is not only to teach students the material they need to learn, but also to inspire them to want to learn and ask questions, and to teach them skills that are applicable to all their classes.

I am a lifelong learner and am always looking for new and challenging hobbies. Currently, I am teaching myself to code and crochet! Outside of tutoring, I enjoy teaching yoga and hiking with my Goldendoodle puppy, Tevye.

Subjects Tutored:

ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, and Writing Sample
Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8
AP Chemistry
AP Biology




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 She helped me with different techniques to use on the PSAT. The math and writing sections really improved with her help.   Read what others are saying

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