Emily Yang

Academic Tutor

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in integrative biology with an emphasis in integrative human biology.

When I moved to the US at the age of six, I did not speak English. However, my grandfather, a high school English teacher, became my tutor. With his help, I saw tremendous academic improvement and developed my confidence. In high school, I aspired to aid other students and began tutoring elementary and middle school students in math and English. 

Transitioning from a small high school to large college lectures, I quickly learned the impact of 1-on-1 learning sessions. I attended office hours to ensure my knowledge of the course material, and during my third year, I became a teaching assistant for an upper division molecular biology course. As a TA, I aided in course preparation, material, exams, and held office hours. During office hours, I aided students one-to-one with any difficulties they had encountered with the material. I also worked at a preschool and at an elementary and middle school throughout college, which allowed me to work with many students from various age groups and with different learning styles.

Larger class settings can hinder the process of identifying and addressing a student’s struggles. Seeing students return to tutoring sessions with large smiles on their faces, rejoicing about their improved grades in school and about mastering subjects they once had difficulty in, motivates me to keep teaching.

I seek to teach and guide students based on an individualized academic plan that suits their own needs. In larger class settings, students may sometimes brush over critical foundational concepts that make future topics seem more daunting and unapproachable. However, identifying these difficult topics and solidifying knowledge in these areas helps build a student’s confidence. I am a firm believer that it is never impossible to master a subject when you have a strong support and learning system. 

Aside from tutoring, I enjoy playing tennis, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and sightseeing!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Biology
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8
AP Biology


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