Gilad Fuhrmann

Academic Tutor

I was born to be a learner, and as a child I often spent recess in the library, burying myself in books. Continuing that pursuit of knowledge, I completed my bachelor’s degree at Willamette University with a major in civic communications and media and a minor in art history. Today, I still spend every moment I can learning everything I can about our world.

Despite my passion, I struggled in the school system, and my peers and teachers began to treat me as “wasted potential.” I was working within a system not designed for students with ADHD, and the absence of support led me to seek out every possible solution and workaround to wrangle my executive dysfunction. After an arduous process of self-improvement, I finally received my first “A” grade in a class. Because of my hard work, that “A” soon became the norm rather than an outlier.

After that point my life, both academically and otherwise, was better than ever. I earned A’s in graduate-level courses offered by Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette, I took on a summer internship with Amazon, and I briefly worked with the Israeli Internet of Things start-up Monogoto.

For me, tutoring is the opportunity to share the skills I’ve acquired in my own journey and use them to help support students’ unique needs. In my sessions, I create a space in which students can try new things, express what they need, and make mistakes to learn from. I enjoy cultivating my students’ curiosity and finding new ways to make the process of learning fun. 

Outside of tutoring, I’m an artist, dedicated Dungeons and Dragons GM, food nerd, and nature lover! I also enjoy road trips, hiking, and biking.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills




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