Hannah Nguyen

Test Prep Tutor

From playing classroom with my little brother at age 6 to teaching an advanced SAT course for students in LA’s Koreatown, I have been teaching and supporting students in their academic and personal growth for as long as I can remember. After realizing in high school that I wanted to pursue teaching as a career, I decided to attend USC on a full-ride merit scholarship and major in Sociology, a passion I wanted to share with my future students. When I wasn’t working on my degree, I immersed myself in all things education: tutoring students all over Los Angeles in academic subjects and the SAT, serving as the executive director of academic and educational programming in Undergraduate Student Government, participating in policy roundtables with leading education scholars of Southern California, and traveling the country to present my educational advocacy work at national conferences.

As exciting as it was to play such an influential role in shaping the education climate, my most memorable and rewarding experiences have been with my students, helping them fall in love with learning and grow into the leaders and trailblazers I know they can be! In my years of tutoring experience, I’ve had the opportunity to teach students from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and learning abilities, both one-on-one and in the classroom. No matter where they come from, I consistently go above and beyond to engage with students at their level and target their unique needs.

One of my favorite parts of tutoring is getting creative with my lessons and re-framing materials for students in innovative ways to meet their specific goals. I love putting in extra time and effort to thoroughly understand my students’ unique talents. I often create new learning tools or redesign activities for them in order to ensure a profound level of learning and engagement. Seeing that light-bulb go off when a student finally grasps a difficult concept or makes a broader connection is always a moment to celebrate.

As an educator, my goal is not simply to light light-bulbs over my students’ heads, but also to spark within them a fire for intellectual curiosity and personal excellence. My students succeed because I teach beyond the light-bulb moment, taking that extra step to mentor them about the value of learning and applying what they learn. This is why, for example, my SAT and ACT students don’t just improve their scores, they also show improvements in their academics while demonstrating greater leadership in their schools and communities.

Since graduating with a BA in Sociology from USC, I have returned home to the Bay Area to continue tutoring and capturing the spark with my students, while pursuing a Master’s degree and teaching credential in Social Science Education. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy cooking Southeast Asian cuisine, playing every sport involving a ball on land (sorry, water polo), and singing musical numbers!

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