Jack Schertler

Academic Tutor

As a Bay Area native, I’ve had no shortage of role models that have impressed upon me the value of a good education. After high school, I headed to UC Santa Cruz where I competed as a member of the swim and dive team and graduated with a B.A. in mathematics. 

Although I never intended to study math, a course mix-up threw me into a calculus class, and I quickly fell in love with the subject. I never looked back! I enjoy the struggles of learning new math, particularly when working with others and sharing insights in order to solve problems that otherwise seem impossible. I see it as a very social subject in which collaborating helps to gain new insights and open up solutions to exciting problems.

My passion for tutoring also comes from my time at UCSC. I enjoyed working with my classmates on tough assignments where everyone was able to bring their own strengths to the table and everyone was able to learn from one another. I learned that no matter how well I understood the subject, my peers had unique insights that could change and improve my own knowledge. I also tutored many of my teammates when they struggled to learn math for their own degree requisites and enjoyed the opportunity to share my own insights with them.

As a tutor, I enjoy teaching math to students of all skill levels and backgrounds. I believe that although this subject can be intimidating, with the right amount of support anyone can overcome their challenges and gain a deeper understanding of the material. I believe that all students can be great at mathematics, and each has their own unique learning style and faces different challenges. I always enjoy working with each individual and finding unique ways to break down the material so they can master the subject.

In my free time, I enjoy looking for cool rocks to climb, reading, and generally spending time in the great outdoors!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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