Jared Greene

Senior Director of Business Development

I was born and raised in Buffalo Grove, a suburb northwest of Chicago, back when the buffalo still roamed (their grazing land has since been converted to strip-malls and Starbucks), when only one Illinois governor had been convicted of corruption charges (now four are in prison or awaiting sentencing for the same), and when the Bulls went on their consecutive-NBA-championships tear.

I attended an enormous public high school – there were some 900 students in my graduating class – where our guidance counselors and teachers fed us the frightening fiction that we’d only get accepted to college by taking 30 AP tests and by acing our SATs and getting elected student-counsel president and inventing a cure for cancer and solving world hunger. Turns out that wasn’t really true (thank heavens!), but their scare tactics totally worked on me. I busted my hump academically, I started my school’s debate team, acted in just about every play our school’s thespian society put on, and played JV tennis. It was exhausting, but I’m glad I ran the gauntlet.

For my pains I was admitted to Harvard, where I concentrated in English literature. As an active member of the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club I deepened my passion for stage performance and learned the valuable lesson that I’m pretty much tone-deaf, rhythm-impaired, and the world’s clumsiest dancer. So for the most part I stuck to what they call “straight theater” – song-and-dance-less, dialogue-based drama – and I avoided musicals. Or, rather, musicals avoided me. And for good reason.

At Harvard I cultivated some serious academic interests in anthropology, religion, literature, and philosophy, and by the time I graduated I felt like I’d barely scratched the surface of the intellectual depths I’d hoped to plumb. I wanted to keep going to school, but at 22 I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to study. I wanted to study everything – so long as it didn’t involve taking derivatives or memorizing formulas of chemical compounds or analyzing soil samples. So I enrolled in a weird interdisciplinary PhD program at UC Berkeley, where I figured I could keep in play all of my interests in the humanities while narrowing down my area of specialization. I ended up working on the literature, philosophy, and history of science of the so-called “long” British 18th century (roughly 1660-1830), which really isn’t as boring as it sounds. At least not to geeks like me.

I taught undergraduates for several years at UC Berkeley in the English, Rhetoric, and Performance Studies departments. I’ve led expository writing courses for freshmen, I’ve facilitated small-group discussion sections branching off of larger lecture courses, and I’ve advised senior theses. Much as I enjoy discussing mind-blowing novels and philosophical treatises with a group of 15 or 20 students, I’m most effective as a teacher when I can tailor instruction to the specific needs of an individual student in a 1-on-1, tutorial-style format.

In my role as Senior Director of Business Development, I am delighted to supervise tutors’ work with students, train and hire new tutors, develop exciting new curricula, and help AJ Tutoring broaden its impact on the Bay Area’s educational community.

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