Laurence Nedelec

Academic Tutor

I was raised and completed my studies in France, receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics from University of Paris XIII. Math has alway been my favorite subject: I have always enjoyed the fact that math has immutable beauty and simplicity. Once you understand it, it works out so perfectly.

After a three-month visit at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, I moved to Palo Alto. As my daughters progressed through the California school system, I learned much about the math curriculum and saw the many ways that students experience it. I believe that tutoring is an important way for students to supplement their classes; it can not only help deepen their understanding of the subject, but also, most importantly, help them to enjoy it and find new motivations to continue their studies.

In my career as a research mathematician, I wrote and published a number of research articles and taught classes at various levels, both in France and in the US. My students included both undergraduates and graduate students, as well as students in teacher-training programs. I have also worked in biostatistics, which involves the application of statistics to various types of problems in biology. 

As a tutor, I have enjoyed teaching students of all ages. One-on-one interactions are my favorite, both as a way to learn and to pass on knowledge. I believe the one-on-one environment opens possibilities and provides students a comfortable environment in which to challenge themselves and grow. It is thrilling to help someone to understand a new way of thinking or to discover a new approach to a problem. I also believe very strongly in the importance of gaining and maintaining confidence in oneself, especially in the field of mathematics.

In my free time, I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, gardening, and exercising.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
Academic French
Academic IAC
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP French Language
AP Statistics




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