Madeleine Klein

Test Prep Tutor

I grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, surrounded by the redwood forest. My love of the outdoors led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley. My concentrations were in evolution, ecology, and evolutionary biology. In addition to my biology coursework, my major required a rigorous series of liberal arts, physics, calculus, and chemistry classes, leading to a well-rounded knowledge base.

The challenges that I faced in some of my more demanding classes helped me to hone  strategies for comprehending and retaining complex information, as well as to develop my own philosophy around learning. I believe in consistency and repetition, using multiple ways to explain a topic, and efficient studying. It is important to be patient and kind to yourself when approaching new material. I am also a proponent of group work and open communication between students and educators. I will always listen to my students and communicate content in a way that makes sense for their own learning style.

My first experiences tutoring began when I was only sixteen. As soon as I could drive a car, parents around the neighborhood asked me to work with their kids on math—they knew that I would be a good tutor before I knew it myself! It was an incredibly rewarding process to stay with the same students for two years and watch them master material they once found difficult. I learned to coach students through frustration and self-doubt and to structure a useful lesson based on a student’s needs.

At Berkeley, I volunteered with the SAGE mentorship program, where I helped first-grade students in need of reading intervention at a local elementary school. I also took semester-long classes in conflict management and early education strategies as part of the program. In the summers, I continued to tutor independently, and I have experience tutoring students with ADHD and dyslexia. I always strive to nurture each student’s abilities and confidence.

I enjoy teaching test preparation because I understand how much weight is placed on these exams for students approaching college admissions. It can be an incredibly stressful time as young people prepare to take the next steps in their life and education. I hope to provide students not only with test-taking skills and knowledge, but also with perspective and self-assurance as they approach significant events like the SAT.

Some of my hobbies include jewelry making, crochet, SCUBA diving, hiking, and backpacking.

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