Max Eberhart

Academic Tutor

Growing up, it was always important to me to create a life in which I could improve other lives. I became a tutor because education has always been one of the few fields that I can earnestly say provides a direct benefit to the world.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to Santa Clara University, where I majored in mathematics, concentrating on the foundation and logic of the field. I took courses in the humanities as well, and my coursework across disciplines allowed me to look beyond the pure numbers of statistics to see what information they highlight, and what they cover up.

While I always had a knack for mathematics, it was while taking calculus that I had a moment of clarity in understanding. Prior to calculus, I had found myself using ideas that I would later understand to be primitive forms of integration that were rejected by my teachers due to the scope of the class. Calculus felt like a bringing together of all the topics in math and made them easier to integrate into a larger world. Calculus also brought an additional lens of understanding to my physics courses, helping me understand kinematics and laws of energy, because once you know one equation, you can apply laws of integration and derivation to arrive at additional equations, bringing interrelatedness into the fore of physics.

My experience with tutoring began through working unofficially with my peers who needed guidance and help in their mathematics courses. I also taught students at an educational summer camp, where I conducted a course on the philosophy of science. I was struck by the ability of middle school and high school students to tackle concepts that I had only learned about during my time at college. This experience inspired me because it signaled that if we give students the space to be mature and tackle difficult topics, we can accelerate their understanding.

I like to use positive reinforcement as one of the primary tools in my approach to tutoring. Evidence has shown that if we highlight an individual’s strengths, they will lean into their abilities. This then gives them comfort and confidence to approach tools they are not as skilled in using. I also work with my students to find methods to help them focus and relax, giving students emotional tools to approach topics and tests without feeling overwhelmed.

During my time off, I enjoy chess, video games, rock climbing, music, sports, and cooking.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
Academic Physics
AP Physics 1
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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