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Born and raised in sunny California, I went to a small high school in northern California before moving down to San Luis Obispo, where I started university at Cal Poly SLO. I studied chemistry and thrived in the small class sizes that Cal Poly is known for. Cal Poly professors emphasize asking questions and offer open office hours, and I noticed that when I took advantage of these opportunities, I scored better on tests. As a chemistry major, my university career introduced me to detailed organization, hands-on learning, and alternative learning styles.

During university I started a variety of clubs, including a biomedical engineering club that built prosthetics for veterans and an environmental education club which taught students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. As my ability to communicate and disseminate complex information soared, the impact on the community grew in tandem. Post college, I worked in environmental education, and I wrote curriculum that made complex material clear and entertaining. The curriculum also offered students a variety of options in learning the material so that they could adjust to what worked best for them.

My teaching experience is varied and adaptable across age groups and subjects. My education at Cal Poly emphasized the importance of caring about students, being available for questions, and teaching material in many different formats until it’s understood, and I’ve carried these values into my 1-on-1 tutoring practice. Tutoring the SAT is important to me because of the impact the test can have on the lives of high-school students. A higher score on the SAT can open doors into another level of education or into their top schools, and I believe it’s important to help provide students with those opportunities. I also aim for my students to learn useful study habits and test taking skills that can continue to help them moving forward in their education career.

My tutoring approach is all about communication and organization. I focus on communication with the student about how they feel, as it creates a safe environment built on trust that allows students the freedom to keep asking questions. I also believe in the power of organization and clear notes. Often, having students rewrite notes allows them a second chance to organize the information in the brain and make connections. When students are organized, they make fewer careless mistakes.

Outside of tutoring, I like to be outside. I’m often somewhere up in Marin on the weekends hiking or mountain biking. If I’m not in Marin, then I’m camping or climbing in Big Sur. In my free time I practice yoga and cook dinner for my friends!

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