Rebecca Curley

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I was born and educated in the United Kingdom. In high school, I specialized in English, mathematics, and science, and I always had a particular passion for biology. I love learning how our bodies function, how our environment shapes us, and how all forms of life interact. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Medical Science from the University of Birmingham, England and then went on to earn a PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Having been through the gauntlet of countless classes, papers, and tests, I deeply enjoy sharing my academic skills with my students at AJ.

I have had the privilege to work in a diverse set of laboratories around the world. These include the Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK), which was responsible for part of the Human Genome Project, the Center for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona, Spain), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) and Eurofins Medigenomix (Munich, Germany). My extensive laboratory experience allows me to work well with lots of different kinds of people, and I enjoy getting to know a multitude of unique learning styles.

Throughout these experiences, I have mentored and trained my fellow undergraduate and graduate students alongside scientists and clinicians. I have been involved in various outreach programs to high school students and the general public. One such program involved a Science Fayre for children at the Royal Scottish Museum. There you can find, among other amazing displays, Dolly the sheep, which was the first mammal successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell.

My approach to tutoring is highly customized and guided by the unique needs of the student. Working 1-on-1 with students provides the opportunity to tailor my teaching approach and develop an individualized program. It is important to teach the required material in a way the student enjoys, but it is equally important to go beyond the material, to teach critical thinking and to teach how topics relate to each other and to the real world. I believe the greatest gifts you can give to a student are the ability to learn independently and the inspiration to be inquisitive outside of school.

In order to help my students excel on standardized exams like the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT, I strive to instill a solid knowledge of the topics, exam taking techniques, confidence, and familiarity. Once my students understand the format of the exam and the tricks employed by the test-makers, the natural strengths of each learner shine through and the process becomes much less arduous.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, learning Italian, playing basketball, and traveling the world. My ambition is to visit every continent at least once. I just have to find my way to Antarctica!

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SAT Subject Biology E/M
Academic Biology
Academic K-8
AP Biology

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