Tina Tran

San Jose Office Manager

Born and raised in San Jose, I graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in International Business. The degree offered varying perspectives about how businesses operate around the world. I knew I wanted to study business but I also love learning about cultures, traditions, and lifestyles, so this was the perfect degree!

After college, I transplanted myself to South Korea. The plan was to live there for one year, but it wasn’t enough! I wasn’t ready to leave, so I stayed for two years as a Guest English Teacher. Living in Korea allowed me to travel around the neighboring countries. This fed my wanderlust soul and my stomach with delicious food. My next goal is to venture and eat my way through America because I want to see what my country has to offer.

In my free time, you can find me looking up places to go hiking, grabbing coffee at local cafes, or shopping. So if you know any hiking trails or new/hip coffee shops, let me know!

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