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Educational Link Round-Up

1. It’s like an Analogy “Creative communication can help, or hurt, our attempts to bridge the divide between technically or emotionally disparate audiences” 2. How Parents Can Model Better Screen Time Behavior for Their Kids Most of us feel like we're failing, at least at times, to ... Read More


How to Get Ready for Test Day Checklist

Students often ask what they should bring with them to the testing center on SAT or ACT test day.  With tests coming up in November and December, it’s worth a reminder. You can find a complete list on the College Board’s website, but I’ll summarize it here.   You should bring: ... Read More


Top 7 Reading Recommendations for SAT/ACT Reading Success

At AJ Tutoring, we pride ourselves on having helped thousands of students navigate the test-taking process. Our goal in working with students who are preparing for exams like the SAT and ACT is to minimize stress and maximize success.  While the exams are difficult, the content of each ... Read More


Educational Link Round-Up

1. Debate Arises over Teaching “Growth Mindsets” to Motivate Students “Dweck says she used to think that growth mindset was a simple concept. ‘But then we started becoming aware of all the ways that it might be misunderstood or not implemented in a compelling way. One thing we’ve ... Read More

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