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AJ Tutoring Announcing Partnership with GradGab


AJ Tutoring is partnering with GradGab to offer our students an amazing, personalized experience that will help them explore schools throughout their application journey!

GradGab helps applicants connect with current college students at their dream schools via live, 1:1 video chats to get real, unbiased insights on the topics that matter most, including:

  • Specific majors
  • Career paths and opportunities
  • Dorm living
  • Social life 
  • Athletics

By connecting students based on their interests and backgrounds, GradGab helps applicants find and learn more about what college life is actually like!


Just a few of the ways GradGab can help families:

  • Give your student an edge: “Demonstrated interest” is important to colleges. Students who show demonstrated interest and intimate knowledge of a college are up to 40% more likely to get in than an equally-qualified student who doesn’t
  • Improved outcomes: 37% of students transfer at least once, and 40% of students drop out. The number one reason for this? Poor fit. Help your kids make the right choice the first time.
  • Saves time & money: College visits are expensive and time consuming. Get your students personal, live video tours and let them explore more colleges, for less.
  • Highly relevant: 84% of students find 1:1 conversations with current students more influential and insightful than the information colleges send them. 90% want personalized information tailored for them. 80% use video in college search. This is what GradGab offers.

GradGab is also a valuable resource for AJ’s professional college admissions consultant partners, who can use the platform to augment their advising services!

Get Started Now

GradGab is fully launching late this October, but you can head over to www.gradgab.com now to sign up and be the first to know as the app launches!


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