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AJ Tutoring Will Host the Annual Math Kangaroo Competition!


We are very excited to announce that AJ Tutoring will host the annual Math Kangaroo competition on Thursday, March 18, 2021 in our Menlo Park office (1122 Crane St).

We are conducting three competition sessions on March 18, 2021:

  • 9-10.15 am
  • 4-5.15 pm
  • 6.45-8 pm

If the test cannot be safely conducted in person, registered students can easily switch to a virtual administration and take their tests from home.




Q: What is the Math Kangaroo competition?

Math Kangaroo is an annual international competition facilitated in over 80 countries with over 6 million participants.

Q: What grade levels can participate in Math Kangaroo?

All levels, really! Math Kangaroo features one test for grades 1-2, another for grades 3-4, another for grades 5-6, another for grades 7-8, another for grades 9-10, and another for grades 11-12.

Q: What would my student stand to gain by participating in Math Kangaroo?

In addition to the adrenaline-inducing thrill of participating in competition math, each participant receives a t-shirt, an electronic certificate, and a gift. National and state winners are publicly recognized on Math Kangaroo’s website. Senior high school students with consistent top rankings in several consecutive years receive college grants.

Q: What are the competition tests like?

For all grade levels, the test is 75 minutes long and features between 24-30 multiple-choice questions, depending on grade level. Most questions are word problems.

Q: What is the deadline and cost to register?

Registration takes place through December 15, 2020 and costs $21. Families can continue to register from December 16 – 31 and pay a late registration fee.

Q: What happens if students cannot take their tests in person due to COVID-19?

AJ Tutoring adheres to county and state health guidelines. If students cannot take their tests due to public health concerns, they can switch to a virtual administration and take their tests at home.

Q: Does AJ Tutoring offer tutoring for the Math Kangaroo tests?

Absolutely! Our math competition experts are eager to help students master these exams! Please feel free to contact us at 650.331.3251 or info@ajtutoring.com to learn more about our math competition tutoring services!



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