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Cypress College Prep Celebrates Positive WASC Initial Visit, Awaits Accreditation Decision

Menlo Park, CA – [5/14/24] – Cypress College Prep, a new private school founded by Aaron Andrikopoulos and Joe Niederman, co-founders of AJ Tutoring, proudly announces a positive initial visit by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The school is eagerly anticipating the ... Read More


The Ultimate Guide to College Admissions: Insights from Experts at AJ Tutoring.

With So Many College Admission Guides Out There, Why Trust AJ Tutoring? Over the past twenty years, we have worked with over 60,000 Bay Area students at some of the most competitive high schools in the country. This experience puts us in a unique position to understand the pressures faced by high ... Read More


How to Study Effectively: Top 5 Research-Backed Study Strategies for Learning Success

School can be challenging, but with the studying techniques and help, students can grow and thrive in any learning environment. This guide introduces five proven, research-backed tools and techniques that can dramatically improve how you study and learn. Each method is designed to help you manage ... Read More


Navigating the New Digital SAT Format: Tips and Strategies for Success

In March of 2024, students sat for the first official testing of the new Digital SAT exam. The spring of 2024 was also marked by a number of elite universities bringing back the SAT testing requirement. These schools include Dartmouth, Brown, Yale, University of Texas at Austin, and Harvard. As ... Read More

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