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Getting Ahead Over Winter Break


The most crucial purpose of winter break is relaxation. You’ve worked hard all semester long and deserve some time off. Of course, it is possible to relax without completely turning off your brain. You can enter 2021 feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and prepared.

Here are a few great uses of free time during break:

1. Read a book that has been on your list

You can find some good recommendations here and here. Be sure to leave your phone off for maximum engagement and enjoyment!

2. Come in for tutoring

School might be out, but there’s still plenty of learning going on at AJ Tutoring with the goal of catching up, diving in, and getting ahead. School break is a great chance to get ahead in your class or start thinking about spring test preparation.

Taking the SAT this spring? We can also add an extra session or two of SAT prep to use the week productively.

Click here to see our Winter Break Online Classes!

4. Check out the AJ Educational Blog

If you have a few minutes, check out our collection of posts and and pick an interesting one! We have contributions from academic department heads and other highly knowledgeable AJ Tutoring leaders. There’s something here for everyone!


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