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Happy New Year!


From everyone at AJ Tutoring: we wish you a fantastic finish to 2019 and a beautiful start to 2020!

For us, the holidays are all about community and giving back. At AJ, community is one of our core values, and we are proud to partner with the local community to provide free or reduced-cost academic and test prep tutoring to students of all backgrounds. Please find below a brief snapshot of what we’ve done recently.

Last year we worked with over 1000 students on a pro-bono or reduced-cost basis.

We partnered with 18 non-profit organizations to provide top-quality instruction to underserved communities.

Our team spent 1400 hours volunteering in the local community. 45% of AJ team members participated in our company-sponsored volunteer projects.


Through our outreach efforts, we have partnered with local nonprofits and school groups in order to provide:

Here are just a few of our non-profit partners:

  • SAT at Foundations for College Education
  • ACT at Foundations for College Education
  • ACT with AVID Los Altos 
  • SAT with AVID Mountain View
  • ISEE with Peninsula Bridge
  • Academic Homework Club with Peninsula Bridge
  • Academic Homework Club with Peninsula Bridge
  • Academic Homework Club with Peninsula Bridge

We look forward to another year of getting to know the Bay Area better and to furthering our educational mission! If you are interested in learning more about our educational outreach, you can reach out to AJ’s Social Outreach Director: Chelsea Greene!


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