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Hidden Villa Volunteer Days


AJ Tutoring’s first volunteer days were great successes! Over two days, 25 tutors came out to work on the organic farm at Hidden Villa, an educational non-profit based on 1600 acres of land in Los Altos Hills. Hidden Villa’s mission is to inspire a just and sustainable future through its programs, land, and legacy. We were happy to volunteer our time to help that happen!

One day’s crew was put to work in the CSA (community supported agriculture) plot to transplant crops for the growing season. In three hours, we were able to plant 2,000 onions, 800 heads of lettuce, and 80 fennel bulbs. Our transplanted spinach and tomatillos will provide nearly 500 pounds of food! We finished the hot afternoon by digging 500 “homes” for tomato plants that will soon be transplanted in the field.

Our second day’s crew worked in the olive grove near the CSA lot. Hidden Villa’s half-acre olive grove produces hundreds of gallons of olive oil each year. We worked to cover the grove with mulch, which helps the soil around the trees retain moisture and nutrients. This group also took a farm tour, which included baby pigs, baby goats, and chicks.

A big thank you goes out to the team at Hidden Villa for helping us coordinate these volunteer days!

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