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How AJ Tutoring Can Help With AP Economics


The two economics AP tests―Macroeconomic and Microeconomics―are among the fastest growing test prep s at AJ Tutoring. The  classes and tests are highly coachable, and the subject matter has myriad everyday and career applications.  

The Course

Many schools teach Micro- and Macroeconomics in the same year, usually starting with micro and moving to macro in the second semester. Although every teacher has their own style and slightly different course content that they like to cover, the classes are usually pretty similar, as they must follow the AP curriculum closely to cover all the information. Since not every school teaches AP Economics, AJ tutors who specialize in the subject often end up working with many students from the same school or even the same teacher, which can make the sessions even more effective.  The great thing about one on one sessions is that students can work through several similar practice problems about a particular concept until the tutor is sure that they have it down – and because the College Board releases the Free Response Questions to the AP test yearly, there are plenty of problems to practice from!  

The AP Tests

AJ Tutoring specializes in helping students succeed on the AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics tests.  We have long offered one-on-one preparation, and this year for the first time we’ll be offering a small group class online. 

One-on-One Prep

For our one-on-one preparation, the first step is to understand where a student’s strengths and weaknesses are with the material.  We have comprehensive diagnostic assessments to accomplish this for both Macro and Micro.  Based on that assessment, our tutors can customize the preparations so that the whole time they are working with their students, they are covering the most critical material to achieve a better AP score. We also offer proctored practice examinations, using both our own proprietary practice tests and released College Board exams, so students can work through the test in a realistic environment and hone their timing and educated guessing strategies.  

Small Group Classes

Modeled off of our very successful online AP European History class, our online economics class (debuting this year!) will cover both the Micro and Macro tests in a virtual classroom.  Our experienced economics teacher will cover the most critical course content and strategies, answer questions in real time about the homework and practice tests, and utilize in-session quizzes to assess students’ understanding of the problems. This is a great option for students who find it easier to learn in a class environment where other students are also asking questions, or who want to cover the material from both tests at a somewhat lower price than the one on one prep.

What about non-AP classes?  

AJ tutors have experience working with all levels of economics classes, from regular high school classes to 200-level college courses at Ivy League schools.  Each econ class is a little different, especially outside the somewhat standardized AP prep, so a one-on-one tutor can often be much more effective than other study aids. Our Client Services team works to make sure that every student connects with a tutor who is competent to help them at whatever level of economic their class is at, and thanks to our growing online programs we can help students across the country and worldwide!

Signing up

Students can enroll in our virtual class by following the link here. To get connected with a one-on-one tutor, please email or call us!


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