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How to Keep Your Students Sharp on School Breaks!


It feels like the school year has only just begun and now we are rapidly entering the holiday season! Holidays mean more time away from the structure of the school day, and  a tendency to focus less on academics. That doesn’t mean that learning has to stop! Here are some quick and easy ways to stay academically active while on holiday break!

  • Cook something! From chemical reactions, measurements, and telling time cooking or baking is an incredibly academic (and tasty) activity!
  • Discuss geometric shapes while cutting out snowflake decorations.
  • Have your student write cards or letters to children stuck in the hospital or relatives who live far away! This gets them off of a screen and practicing their spelling, grammar, and handwriting skills
  • Use books or pages as currency to earn screen time or fun activities! If a few pages can earn 15 minutes of Minecraft, imagine what a whole book can bring!
  • Continue your weekly tutoring sessions with your AJ Tutor, and discuss a plan for adding in additional sessions over school vacations!
  • Do puzzles, play board games, or learn to crochet! 

If you think about it hard enough, you can turn just about anything into an academic activity which will help prevent any backsliding of skills when your student is out of school! 


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