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“It’s a Chemical!”


“It’s a…chemical,” exhaled a person, almost spitting out “chemical” as if the word itself were inherently toxic.

To the general public, this statement may be alarming. To one who understands that everything made of matter is a “chemical,” it’s quite funny.

If a simple primer on chemical concepts can dispel the incorrect notion that all chemicals are dangerous and toxic, imagine the possibilities delivered by a robust understanding of chemistry, the central science.

Regardless of a student’s academic or professional goals, an education in chemistry provides a student with more than a mere understanding of the pH scale and balancing an equation. From the organization required to set up challenging unit-conversions in stoichiometry, to the exercise of spatial awareness in Valence Shell Electron Repulsion Theory, the skills a student develops in chemistry will prepare him or her for an array of opportunities.

Should a student wish to pursue science of any kind, whether it be medicine, software engineering, or zoology, a strong performance in high school chemistry will engender the critical thinking and technical approach to problem-solving that the world needs.


Bubbles Closeup


Of course, should a student not wish to pursue science, there are still a plethora of benefits to investment in a chemical education. The aesthetics of chemical reactions alone may be enough to intrigue more artistically-inclined scholars into understanding mechanisms behind physical and chemical transformations. For the especially pragmatic student, understanding chemistry may translate into understanding differences in boiling points with changes in elevation so that cooking is not compromised during a camping trip. For the poetic student, the quote “we are made of stardust” may be an invitation to see chemistry play out in the cosmic scene.

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect within the nature of one-on-one instruction is that students can receive truly personalized instruction. Chemistry especially illustrates this idea given its vast applications and ubiquitous presence in our lives. At AJ Tutoring, our tutors not only share their expertise with students of all levels, but also do so in an enticing way that acknowledges the unique interests and goals of each scholar. AJ Tutoring trains its chemistry tutors to translate complex and abstract scientific phenomenon into more tangible ideas, to empower students to make connections between seemingly distinct concepts, and to develop an innate curiosity to explore the universe in which we live.

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