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K-8 Tutoring Options


Most people hear AJ Tutoring and immediately think of test prep, or AP class support. Many members of the community don’t realize that we serve so many more students than just our high schoolers! AJ is proud to offer tutoring services to Kindergarten through middle school students and high school and college students.

Our K-8 department is choked full of tutors who have been trained in how to handle any subject your elementary or middle school students struggle with. They have also received additional training on how to work with this specific student population. A Kindergarten or first grade student is going to need a different level of support than a junior or senior. These tutors are the most patient and empathetic individuals that you will ever meet. Here are some key reasons why we recommend working with a K-8 tutor here at AJ:

  • You can stop being the homework bad guy every night!
  • A professional team of educators are there to help you and your students.
  • One on one attention is beneficial for your students academically and they can receive the social/emotional support they miss out on in school.
  • Starting tutoring at a young age can develop into a lifelong academic partnership with a tutor and make sure there is always someone in your corner.

Still not convinced? Give us a call today to learn more about what AJ offers to our youngest students and check out some of our incredible tutors who are ready to offer their expertise!


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