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It’s not too late to take the SAT and ACT this year!


Just as a reminder, the SAT and SAT subject tests will be offered two more times this year: November 3 and December 1.  For those of you with seniors applying to college, the November and December tests are accepted for the regular college admission deadline!  You can register for the SAT and the SAT subject tests at the College Board’s website.

The ACT will be offered two more times in 2012: October 27 and December 8.  These scores will also be accepted for regular college admissions.  You can register for the ACT at the ACT’s website.

AJ Tutoring is happy to help with test preparation for the SAT, SAT subject tests, and the ACT.  We offer comprehensive 8 or 9-session programs, as well as review programs customized for a shorter timeframe.  For more information about AJ Tutoring’s SAT and ACT programs, please visit our website.

If your student would like help preparing for his or her tests this fall, please give us a call at (650) 331-3251, or email info@ajtutoring.com.  Our tutors are filling up for the next few months, so sign up early!

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