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Looking Ahead to the June SAT


Soon the bells will be ringing for the final dismissal time of the 2022-23 school year! With that comes finalizing summer plans and preparing for summer standardized testing starting with the June SAT. Maybe this is your students first attempt at the exam, or their third and final retake, whichever applies to you AJ has you covered! Our talented team delivers results! AJ Tutoring’s proven, personalized approach is as unique as each student. With analysis of individual learning styles, we tailor coursework, customize our SAT prep program, and motivate our students. Summer time is the best time to kick start your preparation journey by either diving headfirst into our 1-on-1 preparation courses or taking the exam with no additional academic pressures. If you aren’t sure about which approach to take, or how the digital version of the exam will impact your students’ test taking future, reach out to a Director today. We will work with you to tailor a preparation approach that works for your individual student, and partner them with an expert who can help them achieve their test taking goals. No matter what, AJ Tutoring is here for you!


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