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Meet the AJ Team!


Perhaps you have heard about the team of professionals here at AJ that support your student in their academic work and their test preparation! Well our tutors are not only subject matter experts but they inject their own personalities into their tutoring sessions. Here are some fun facts and stories from our amazing team!

Katie: Fun fact! I am related to an American Civil War general, who is to date the highest ranking US officer killed in battle. His name was General John Sedgwick, and as a Union general at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, he stood up and encouraged his troops by shouting “those rebel sharpshooters couldn’t hit the broadside of an elephant!” and then was promptly shot through the head by one of the said sharpshooters.

Peggy: There are 711 books on my to be read shelf on Goodreads!

Andrew: Did you know that red is the fastest color?

No really. Light’s refractive index through a medium is dependent on its frequency. This is why prisms are able to refract different colors at different angles. It also means different frequencies of light will be slowed by different amounts as they move through air, water, glass, or any other transparent material. Red, having the lowest frequency, is slowed the least out of the visible colors, making it travel the fastest!

Chris: If you fly due south from Miami, you’d almost miss the *Pacific* coast of South America. (For some reason, most folks are unaware that Mexico & Central America run across the entire span of the continental US!) Who knew!?!

Nieka: I love sharing with my students that there are more cells in your brain than stars in the milky way!

These tutors and so many more are here to support your student academically, build their confidence, and so much more. Working with a 1:1 tutor can change the entire trajectory of your students’ academic journey. Call an AJ director today to see how we can  match your student with a tutor just like these!


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