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Navigating Ivy Day: Ivy League Admissions 2024


Ivy League decisions should all come out on Ivy Day, which this year is Thursday, March 28, around 7 pm EST.

Ivy Day – the day when all eight Ivy League schools release their admission decisions simultaneously – is a pivotal moment for thousands of students across the globe. At AJ Tutoring, we understand the mix of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness that accompanies this day. Whether you’re a student awaiting decisions or a parent supporting your child through this journey, we’re here to offer insights and strategies to navigate Ivy Day with resilience and perspective.

Understanding Ivy Day

Ivy Day typically falls in late March or early April each year. On this day, students receive their admission results from all eight Ivy League institutions: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale. The collective release of these decisions adds a unique intensity to the experience, distinguishing Ivy Day from other college notification dates.

Pre-Ivy Day Preparation

  • Emotional Readiness: Anticipation can be overwhelming. We encourage students to engage in activities they enjoy, stay connected with friends and family, and maintain a balanced perspective. Remember, your self-worth is not tied to any college acceptance or rejection.
  • Plan B: While optimism is crucial, having a realistic Plan B is equally important. Consider other excellent universities where you’ve applied. Remember, many outstanding schools offer exceptional opportunities that can match or even surpass what the Ivies offer.

On Ivy Day

  • Setting the Scene: Choose a comfortable and supportive environment to check your decisions. Whether it’s with family, friends, or on your own, select a setting that feels right for you.
  • Managing Emotions: Prepare for a range of emotions. Celebrate your acceptances, allow yourself to feel disappointed if necessary, but remember, this is just the beginning of your academic journey, not the endpoint.
  • Respecting Privacy: Decide in advance how you’ll share your news and respect others’ choices to do the same. Everyone processes these moments differently.

Post-Ivy Day Reflection

  • Celebrating Success: If you’ve been accepted, congratulations! Celebrate your achievement, but also take time to reflect on your options. The best choice is the one that aligns with your academic goals, personal growth, and financial considerations.
  • Dealing with Rejections: If the news isn’t what you hoped for, it’s okay to feel disappointed. However, remember that college rejections are not reflections of your worth or potential. Many successful people faced similar setbacks and went on to achieve great things.
  • Exploring Alternatives: If you’re reconsidering your options post-Ivy Day, remember that there are numerous paths to success. Whether it’s attending another outstanding institution, considering a gap year, or exploring transfer opportunities in the future, your potential is limitless.

How AJ Tutoring Can Help

At AJ Tutoring, we’re more than just academic tutors. We’re mentors, guides, and supporters of your educational journey. Whether you’re celebrating an Ivy League acceptance or contemplating your next steps, we’re here to offer personalized guidance and support.

  • Academic Planning: We can help you prepare for your upcoming college coursework, ensuring you’re ready to excel from day one.
  • College Counseling: Our experts can assist you in evaluating your college choices, considering factors like programs, campus culture, and financial aid.
  • Emotional Support: Our team is here to provide support and encouragement, helping you navigate your feelings and plan your future with confidence.


Ivy Day is a significant milestone, but it’s just one part of your educational journey. Whether your Ivy Day results are a cause for celebration or a moment of reflection, remember that your path to success is uniquely yours. At AJ Tutoring, we’re proud to support you at every step, offering the guidance and resources you need to achieve your dreams.


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