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SAT Classes Are Happening at AJ Tutoring’s San Jose Office


Our Program and SAT Classes at AJ Tutoring San Jose office

AJ Tutoring has assisted over 6,000 SAT test prep students at our San Jose location. Our team of professional Test Prep tutors has perfected the craft of delivering effective and efficient SAT coaching. Our programs encompass the content and test-taking strategies that students need to enhance their performance on the SAT. Once students have been introduced to the content that frequently appears on the SAT exam and have learned a few of our test-taking strategies, they get the opportunity to apply those skills and knowledge in full-length practice exams. Following each practice SAT test, we review the exam and help students adjust their approach and understand how to correctly answer questions they missed.

AJ Tutoring is happy to announce that we offer SAT classes at our San Jose office! Group classes are a fantastic, cost-effective way to collaboratively learn AJ Tutoring’s SAT strategies. we have over 10 years of experience working with SAT Student in San Jose.

Learn from the best AJ Tutoring Test Prep Class Tutors

Our San Jose SAT Classes are taught by our office director and most experience SAT Tutor. To reserve your spot in the San Jose class, call (408) 345-5200, or email info@ajtutoring.com.  We’re looking forward to seeing you in class!

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