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Six Reasons to Learn Chemistry (Even if You Don’t Want To)


At AJ Tutoring, we have the privilege to work with many students every year who are engaging with chemistry concepts for the first time. Some are enthused while others are less so. Getting students to see the beauty and order in chemistry is our greatest joy. 

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1. Unit Conversions!

Have to switch from dollars to euros? Pounds to kilograms? Need to scale a recipe up or down based on the amount of ingredients you currently have? Worried about the SAT math unit conversion questions? Stoichiometry is all about unit conversions and using a methodical, unit-based approach to convert between units. 

2. Improved Cooking Skills 

Be it boiling water for a recipe on a camping trip (i.e.understanding how elevation can affect phase changes) or seeing how various ingredients interact, the benefits of chemistry can bolster culinary endeavors. 

3. Reading Product Labels 

The chemistry student knows that not everything is a “chemical” and that not all synthetic substances (i.e. Advil) are harmful. At the same time, the chemistry student knows that not all “natural” or organic compounds (i.e. formaldehyde) are safe. Chemistry teaches critical thinking skills needed for modern, evidence-based solutions and thoughtful decision-making. Chemistry also facilitates critical thinking skills so that medical marketing is better understood and evaluated. 

4. Understanding Chemical Safety

Chemistry can give students the background to understand how and why even something as common as household cleaning supplies can be toxic in some cases. 

5. It’s the central science! 

For students aspiring to study science, chemistry can give them the foundation to better understand other branches of science like biology, physics, earth sciences and medicine. 


6. Understanding Climate Science 

In the era of climate change, chemistry helps a student become an informed citizen about terms like acid rain, carbon emissions and ocean acidification. Even if a student does not pursue chemistry beyond high school, developing an understanding of ecological reactions and their ensuing consequences has lasting consequences for future generations. 


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