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Spring Cleaning


When you hear the term “spring cleaning” what immediately comes to mind? Purging outdated clothes? Maybe wiping down the baseboards? Here at AJ we approach Spring Cleaning in a different way! Second semester is in full swing, and the end of the school year is coming around the corner sooner rather than later. Spring cleaning means doubling down on academic sessions with tutors and making a plan to prepare students for their upcoming finals. It means to have a plan in place for support over spring break and taking a look ahead to how students will receive support in the summer months. Organizing notes, finalizing timelines, brushing up on study skills are all integral parts of a solid academic spring cleaning here at AJ! Is your student already set up with an academic partner for this semester and beyond? If not, don’t worry you still have time to set them up for academic success! Call a Director today to find out how one of our team members can help your student today and tomorrow!


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