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Encouraging Kids to Practice and Thrive

Mathematics is often viewed as a daunting subject, surrounded by a cloud of complex equations and perplexing problems. However, instilling a love for math in children from an early age can pave the way for a future filled with problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and a deep appreciation for ... Read More


Let’s Talk Percentages!

Let’s be honest, word problems can be confusing, even more so when they ask about percents! We know what it means to say “what is 42% of 100,” but it’s less straightforward to say “42 is 76% of what number.” Many students, whether they’re in 5th grade or 10th grade, struggle to ... Read More


Introducing For-Credit AP Precalculus!

In the 2023-24 school year, the College Board has announced that they have added AP Precalculus to their AP testing options. This course will bolster the efforts of learners to prepare for higher-level mathematics classes such as AP Calculus. The new course will cover: Unit 1: ... Read More


Getting a Bee in Geometry

Nothing beats the sweet reward of solving a sticky geometry question. In fact, every time I’ve given my class a challenging proof, the entire room would be abuzz. It is at times like this that I always suggest working in groups, as nothing quite compares to a hive mentality.  As it ... Read More

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