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Why Take the ACT at all?


Why Take the ACT?

The age-old question that juniors and the families of juniors face year after year centers around college admission tests: Do we sign up for the SAT or ACT? Should we take both? Should we take neither? What benefits do these tests offer in this day and age? What is the benefit of the ACT? Well AJ Tutoring has been navigating the waters of test preparation and college admissions for over a decade and can help provide you and your student with some measure of clarity as you begin this journey.

There are many benefits to taking these standardized tests, but the ACT is the test most parents and students are unfamiliar with. Let’s break down some of the differences and benefits of taking the ACT.

5 Reasons Why you should take the ACT

  1. You can retake the ACT several times just like the SAT and choose which score to include in your admissions paperwork.
  2. The ACT is accepted by all major 4-year universities.
  3. There is no penalty for guessing on the ACT exam. The ACT’s straightforward question format is a key advantage. The test’s direct questions and the lack of a guessing penalty foster an environment where students are encouraged to answer every question, potentially boosting their scores.
  4. The ACT includes a science portion which gives you a boost when applying to a STEM based program in college.  The ACT’s design aims to evaluate college readiness comprehensively. Unlike its counterpart, the SAT, the ACT has a science section, which assessing students’ ability to analyze scientific data. This is particularly beneficial for those eyeing STEM fields, illustrating “why take the ACT” is a pertinent question for aspiring scientists and engineers.
  5. The ACT is for you if you have strong reading comprehension skills! This test is reading forward versus the math forward SAT.  The emphasis on reading comprehension aligns with college coursework’s demands, further answering “why take the ACT” for students seeking to showcase their readiness for academic challenges.


Taking the ACT  is  a strategic step towards showcasing a student’s preparedness for college and beyond. Whether you’re a STEM enthusiast or aiming for comprehensive academic excellence, the ACT presents a structured platform to demonstrate your capabilities

If you are still uncertain about which route to take, call a director today to discuss your options and set up a path for success in the ACT and beyond! AJ Tutoring is here to help so reach out today at (650) 331-3251!


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