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An Update on AP Exams

Our thoughts are with all of our AJ students and families. In this challenging time, health and safety are the utmost priority. We are also dedicated to keeping our students on track with their education.  Many of you high school students are beginning to think of AP exams. Please read on for ... Read More


The AP Capstone Diploma: AP Seminar and AP Research

In the increasingly competitive high school environment of Silicon Valley, there is no shortage of ambition to “get ahead”. Every day there seem to be new and exciting opportunities emerging for students to expand their academic accomplishments, from extracurricular activities such as clubs ... Read More


Planning for AP and SAT Subject Preparation: Working Backwards

At AJ Tutoring, part of our core mission is to help students navigate the test-taking process with a minimal amount of stress. Attaining this goal involves planning ahead. If you’d like to talk through your specific situation, please reach out to us. To learn more generally about the process ... Read More


Changes to the AP World History Course

If you don’t follow the raging academic and educational debates of the day, you may be unaware that the AP World History course (or WHAP as we call it), has changed. Through last May, the test covered content spanning prehistory all the way until the present, over 10,000 years of history! There ... Read More

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