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Changes to the AP World History Course

If you don’t follow the raging academic and educational debates of the day, you may be unaware that the AP World History course (or WHAP as we call it), has changed. Through last May, the test covered content spanning prehistory all the way until the present, over 10,000 years of history! There ... Read More


Preparing for a College Major in STEM

As a math and physics dual major, I found my university level math and physics classes both challenging and rewarding. The challenge forced me to become a better version of myself and to continually strive to achieve a better understanding of the universe and the logical structures we use to ... Read More


So You Want to Study Physics?

When I tell people that I have my degree in physics, I get a wide range of reactions. There is a lot of awe, a lot of people don’t really know what was involved, and a lot of people get intimidated. But when people ask me why I did this for my degree, I cannot stress strongly enough how ... Read More


How AJ Can Help with Less Common AP Exams

When it comes to AP exams, there is a wide variation in the number of test takers for a given exam. Nearly 400,000 students take the AP English Language test, while other exams have fewer than 20,000 test takers. AJ Tutoring strives to provide exam preparation for all of these tests, big or! ... Read More

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