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3 Test Prep Material Updates Designed to Get You Results!

Here at AJ Tutoring, we are always striving to keep our test prep materials as up-to-date as possible in order to better serve and prepare our students. In order to do this, we continually audit and update our materials to make them as effective as possible. Here’s what we’re working on right ... Read More


What did AJ Tutoring students think about the new SAT?

Now that the new SAT's first administration is in the books, we at AJ Tutoring were curious to find out what our students thought about the test, whether they felt prepared (the answer was yes!), and what AJ can focus on to ensure student success on future SATs. What did we learn about how to ... Read More


Why you shouldn’t take test prep advice from Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson provides test prep advice you should not follow! Depending on how familiar you are with the Simpsons oeuvre, you might remember an episode where Mr. Burns decides that he needs a male heir in order to pass on his fortune.  Naturally, Homer encourages Bart to audition for the part ... Read More


Speed reading and the SAT

In the SAT classes I teach, our introduction to reading comprehension often begins something like this. I pose a general query to the class: “So, how many of you enjoy the reading comprehension section?” One student (out of eight) tentatively raises her hand. “Why don’t the rest ... Read More

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