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Helping Your Student Learn to Read the Common Core Way

The Common Core requires students to read more than ever, but the type of reading - and how they are assessed on that reading - can seem pretty different from how most of us learned to read. Instead of reading only fiction, our students are being pushed to branch out and read nonfiction earlier ... Read More


Why you shouldn’t take test prep advice from Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson provides test prep advice you should not follow! Depending on how familiar you are with the Simpsons oeuvre, you might remember an episode where Mr. Burns decides that he needs a male heir in order to pass on his fortune.  Naturally, Homer encourages Bart to audition for the part ... Read More

Summer Courses at AJ Tutoring

Summer is almost here at AJ Tutoring!  Even though school's out for the summer, the summer months are a great time to review a difficult subject, preview next year's classes, or try an enrichment class in a different field.  Our academic tutors are happy to customize a program for your! ... Read More

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