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104 Days of Summer Vacation… How Will You Spend it?


The longest and shortest time of the entire year is rapidly approaching! I know students everywhere wish that summer vacation could go on forever, but those of us who are parents and/or educators know better. While our students have definitely earned a break this summer, it is not the time to sleep on academics. The term “summer slide” has been around for several years and those of us in the educational world see the devastating effect that it can have on a students trajectory in academics. Typically students lose up to 30% of what they learned throughout the school year…which comes out to three whole months of learning lost! Here at AJ we recommend making and finalizing summer academic plans sooner rather than later! Here are just some options that we are offering this summer with more on the way!

Are You A Rising Junior?

Let’s start on your PSAT/SAT Prep this summer to prepare you for the Test Prep Timeline come the fall!

Getting Ready for the Big Transition to Middle School?

Don’t sweat it! We know how nerve wracking the jump from elementary school to middle school can be and have put together several fun camps to get you ready! From Math Bootcamps to Study Skill foundations that you will need to get organized and prepared we have got you covered!

Entrance Exams Making You Sweat?

Getting ready for any exam can be scary, let alone an entrance exam! At AJ we have been helping Middle School students and High School students prepare for their entrance exams for over a decade. Let’s use your summer break to get prepared for those upcoming exams!

Planning on Taking AP Courses?

Taking AP Courses helps you earn college credit and is a wonderful opportunity! Don’t walk into your AP classes unprepared! Take a Primer course this summer to lay the foundations for your class come the fall!

Looking for Something Fun and Academic?

It is not all serious here at AJ! We definitely know how and when to have fun, and slide some academics in as well! From Creative Writing to Art Courses or even starting to learn a Foreign Language we can offer your students something fun and engaging and get them learning at the same time. 

Interested in learning more? Call a director today to discuss and finalize your plans for the summer! 


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