Virtual Art: How to Self-Teach with Programs

Virtual art is swiftly becoming popular, and with so many different professional artists out there using different applications, it’s hard to figure out what is best. We’ll discuss what the options are, as well as pros and cons to each program. We’ll also try them out (most programs have free trials) to see how you like it!

Locations: Online, Los Altos, In-Home

Cost: $110/hr

Recommended hours: 4-8


  • Learn how to self-teach
  • Make informed decisions about virtual art software
  • Explore an art software’s capabilities
  • Gain experience with programs that professionals use 
  • Explore various hardware options

To Enroll Call (650) 331-3251/ (408) 345–5200


Course Description:

As technology opens more doors, many artists are starting to turn to virtual platforms. Programs are capable of simulating so many various types of art, but for many physical artists (painters, for example), it’s difficult to get started. Many applications have some tutorials for specific questions, but not many have full tutorials on how the program works as a whole! We’ll walk through how to search for applications that are compatible not only to the computer, but to each student and their style. If your student is new to the idea of virtual art, we can also discuss hardware and go through the same process of finding what’s best for the art style they have!

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