California Endangered Species Ecology

Are you passionate about the world around you? Do you find yourself daydreaming about how you would help save the endangered peregrine falcon? In this course you will learn about a variety of California native species currently on the endangered species list, what got them there, and what is being done to help them recover.

Locations: Online, Saratoga

Cost: $100/hr

Recommended hours: 5-10


  • Promote creative problem solving
  • Develop awareness of ecological problems and legislation
  • Analyze scientific reports and articles

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Course Description:

This course is ideal for a student interested in the environment, but craving more engaging and unique subject matter than the general information they get in science class. For students looking to take environmental studies next year, this class will help them ease into the subject in an interesting and relevant way.

Each session will target one California native endangered species. We will explore the factors which have contributed to its endangered status, the ecological impacts of the species on their environment (i.e. why they are important to the ecosystem), and what strategies scientists are currently employing to rehabilitate the population. Students will learn about the laws and programs currently in place and the steps it took to implement them. We’ll look at both success stories and failed attempts at rehabilitating wildlife and their habitats.

Homework will include reading and summarizing articles on each endangered species, and developing ideas on how to rehabilitate the population in question. Students will demonstrate their skills at the conclusion of the course by preparing a short, 10-minute presentation to present to me in our final class on a species of their choice.

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